Brain Assessments and Training for Golfers


Baseline testing provides information about the function of different aspects of your brain. A golfer could be completely without symptoms and doing well in their sport. Small asymmetries in brain function, can be what is holding them back from achieving an even higher level of performance. Every little thing is important when it comes to performance on a golf course. Focus, timing, rhythm and balance are key brain functions that will determine how well you perform.  Basic ImPACT baselines are an absolute must and a deeper understanding of how well your brain is functioning can be determined with a comprehensive evaluation.


The FOCUS that is essential for all golfers can be increased with brain based exercises. When is your ability to focus more important than that putt on the 18th hole for the win? The difference between good and being a clutch player is being able to focus under pressure.

As brain focus comes down, distractions increase. Impulse control decreases. The slightest sound or movement can cause you to miss that putt, chip or drive. The ability to BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS is key for any well honed game.

A golfer’s stroke requires RHYTHM AND TIMING. Rhythm and timing are governed by your brain. The coordination and smoothness of your stroke is dependent on the functional level of your brain.

Perfect BALANCE is central to all golfers. The power of your drive or the accuracy of you chip shot while standing in an awkward position, will be influenced by the areas of brain that control balance. Even your ability to read the fairway or green is dependent on areas of brain that process perceived pitch or tilt of your environment. Without an ideal balance system (i.e. vestibular system), your golf game will be hindered.

Motor functions are developed through repetition. You develop these built in motor programs through practice. However, the area of brain that holds these motor programs is governed, controlled or initiated by other frontal cortex areas.

These other frontal cortex areas govern the higher functioning MOTOR PLANNING, MOTOR SEQUENCING, and MOTOR INITIATION is the difference between being a scratch golfer and a good golfer.