Sports Performance

Brain Centers NW will help athletes with…


FOCUS: improve your concentration not only in competition but also in the classroom; you will remain focused despite distractions of your environment; you will remain calm on the inside despite what is going on around you allowing you to engage and execute mentally and physically.

AGILITY: the body is directed by the brain; the faster your brain can “switch gears” the quicker your feet will move; your ability to adapt or “audible” in a constantly changing environment will improve; improved balance will also stabilize your body and decrease injuries; stability of joints is dependent on “shunt” stabilization which is regulated by central brain processes.

SPEED: thought processing will be faster; the “game” will slow down for you; you will see more than you previously had; your sports “IQ” will improve; speed of eye movement and tracking will increase.

TIMING: sequencing of events, musicality and being at the right place at the right time or executing a play or skill will improve.

Consider these questions:

  1. Would you benefit with improved FOCUS, greater CONCENTRATION?
  2. How much better would you be if you could BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS?
  3. What could you achieve with increased RHYTHM, TIMING, COORDINATION, BALANCE?
  5. What are you doing to train these skills?

An unparalleled approach to optimized function.

The brain, like a muscle, will become “stronger” and increase its “endurance” if appropriately challenged.

The brain, as part of the central nervous system, governs all aspects of body function including but not limited to agility, speed, reaction time, stability. When it comes to being an elite athlete, these attributes are superseded only in importance by even higher brain functions like concentration, visual tracking, visual fixation, timing and rhythm.

Brain Centers NW uses the same advanced technologies utilized for the assessment and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries to take you to places you may not achieve otherwise.

The goal like that of a personal trainer is to take your brain “muscle” beyond “normal” function. Ignoring brain function would be like ignoring half of your muscles. The athlete could not hope to attain the same level of performance if they were to ignore this critical part of conditioning.

A powerful brain is the difference between good and great.

The technologies (e.g. Interactive MetronomeVestibular Force PlateVideonystagmography) are used to challenge and strengthen the brain, balance centers and motor coordination among other aspects of the nervous system.

A functional neurology approach means that the individuality of the athletes brain is to be considered. Aspects of one side of brain may be stronger than the other side and a conditioning program that serves to help normalize any asymmetry of function will help that individual’s health beyond the goal of improving their sports performance. Did you know that you can have asymmetry of your brain (i.e. hemisphericity)? Do you you know that some treatments, therapies or training, if this asymmetry is not considered, can make it worse?

The combination of both body and brain conditioning is the recipe for ideal development and optimal performance.

Some of the expected areas of improvement with the Brain Centers NW program include:

  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Rhythm
  • Vision
  • Joint Stabilization
  • Concentration
  • Motor Coordination
  • Thought Processing Speed
  • Brain Symmetry
  • Academic Performance