Concussion Day 40 – Parent’s Perspective, Child’s Journey

Written By: Debbie Freeman

Female soccer players celebrate a goalDay 40 looked bleak filled with nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.  These were all the symptoms of a typical concussion, but this time it was a 24 hour flu bug rearing its ugly head.  Once that passed, the days have been filled with conditioning (lots of running) and brain training exercises.  My daughter started Dr. Burn’s summer MVP program to kick off the month of July and will continue through the end of August.  His combination of drills and brain games offers a challenge both physically and mentally and he encourages the players to reach their best level.

I’ve had so many friends ask if my husband and I are going to let my daughter keep playing soccer, especially now that we know firsthand the ramifications of a concussion.  We realized that we cannot protect our children from everything, but there are some cost-effective and easy tests that can help.  Dr. Burns has established a baseline for my daughter’s vision, balance, and has given her the ImPACT test.  She has also been doing brain games with Dr. Burns or “mental push-ups” which provides extra protection by helping with decision making on the field.  We are going to continue to support our daughter’s decision to play soccer, and Dr. Burn’s techniques give us the confidence to go forward.

After 55 days of concussion, I’m letting her go.   I was sitting on my daughter’s suitcase trying to zip it closed and realized we would be apart for a week.  I do have to say it was a bit surreal to drop her off at a college campus for a soccer camp.  My daughter will be in charge of her daily journals to Dr. Burns detailing her conditioning as well as the return of any symptoms.  She will also be back on the field playing the game she loves so much.  Thankfully, she’s not starting college, it’s just a summer camp, but it did make me realize how quickly time is passing and I am thankful I have had this time with her.  We both have learned a lot about researching options, choosing a doctor, even taking the path less traveled.  We are so thankful with the course we choose, the brain education we received and the progressive concussion care Dr. Burns offered.

Guess what?  When my husband and I arrived back home after dropping her off, there was a message from camp.  She scored the only goal for her team today!  She’s back!

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