Concussion Day 32 – Parent’s Perspective, Child’s Journey

Written By: Debbie Freeman

Day 32

concussion day 35It is exciting to see the light at the end of the concussion tunnel, but I have to say all along the way there have been bright spots.  It’s been a privilege to help my daughter through this time.  My daughter is 14 and this last month we have stepped back into her childhood. It started with SLEEP; a ton of sleep.  It then moved to daily naps and story time.  The dog was her loyal friend and loved all the extra attention.  We played with play dough, water color, and clay and she is working her way through a 96 page coloring book.  We also reopened the archive of childhood books.  First I was reading to her, then she was reading aloud to me, and now she is enjoying reading on her own again.

All along our nostalgic walk back to her younger years, Dr. Burns was adding daily mini exercises to build her balance, eye tracking and gait, and most recently rhythm and timing. His measurable test results have kept her challenged, increased her confidence and even managed to keep her laughing.  His latest suggestion is a wooden toy (kendama) she takes with her everywhere.  She has mastered 9 tricks in a row with her left hand.  She continues to show improvement daily, but the relief from the headache still eluded her.

They say it’s always darkest before dawn, and that was how I was feeling on Day 30.  Then, it finally happened, Day 32!  She had her first day without a headache or neck ache!  Symptom free days mean that Dr. Burns can challenge her further.  Many of her friends are coming off concussions and start conditioning without checking the systems the Dr. Burns has been resetting along the way:  balance, eye tracking, gait and even rhythm and timing.  Today she walked a mile and tomorrow she will do the same.  In two days, Dr. Burns is meeting her outside the office on the field.  Conditioning is so important for re-entry into the game as well as accident prevention, and Dr. Burns is guiding her through this too.  She can’t wait to lace up her cleats!  We will finish counting concussion days when she steps on the pitch for her first official practice.  We are in the countdown and feeling success!


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