STEP 2 – Balance Baseline

Balance / Vestibular Assessment

Many neurological, vestibular, and postural problems never present any obvious symptoms to patients.
If a patient has no complaints they are, much too often, not examined.

Which brings about the basic premise of our philosophy – You can’t help a balance patient if you don’t know who they are. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for those who have balance problems as well as those at risk of having balance problems.

Our CAPS™ Posturography is perfect for not only screening, assessing and diagnosing balance disorder/falls-risk patients, but also provides effective rehabilitation, because the highly sensitive force platforms and proprietary software used by our CAPS™ systems provide much greater insight into a patient’s balance problems than ever before possible.


CAPS™ Professional

CAPS ProCAPS™ Professional is a unique and advanced computerized posturography balance and fall risk assessment and treatment line of products. But the CAPS™ Professional is not just a posturography product: it is also an extremely advanced physical performance testing and rehabilitation tool that can be used for a variety of applications besides assessing balance and dizziness, and for fall prevention. In fact, the CAPS™ Professional allows you to obtain a subject’s detailed medical history, with special emphasis on falls, balance disorders, hearing and tinnitus; to test your subject’s balance in every possible combination of head, arm, leg, body and force platform positions; to get sit-to-stand analysis data far superior to anything else available anywhere else; to test the explosive strength of leg and arm muscles of subjects of all ages; to test your subject’s Limit of Stability (LoS) in eight (not just four) positions; and to improve your subjects’ lower extremity strength, reaction time, stamina and more with our unique “body saccades” targeting modality.