“Olympism” Brain Attitude

Written By: David Burns

Show this Video to Every Juvenile and Ask Them If They Think It’s Crazy.

Although most have never heard of Olympism or even Sportsmanship, most will say it’s not crazy. In fact most will like it – a lot. If you try talking about ‘respect’ or worse still, ‘kindness’ you’ll bore kids. But talk about amazing moments of sportsmanship (& Olympism) and they get it! Try it and see. We’ve got free workbooks, tutor guides, videos, posters, stories….let us know if you can use this stuff.

www.GreatSportsmanship.org & www.facebook.com/GreatSportsmanship support this unique video which reveals the real meaning of the Olympics and why Olympism affects world peace. The Great Sportsmanship Programme mobilises young…

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