Brain Train by “Dogging It”

Written By: David Burns

dog showing offWhen brain training, imagery is a great tool for learning, training and motivation. Martial Arts, like Kung Fu, have used animals to describe various postures or skills (e.g. Crane Stance) for centuries.

The visual gives you a model to emulate. Personally, many moons ago, when working out I would use visualizations of power animals or mythical creatures. I would do this before a big lift and would see myself succeeding and I would see and feel the might of a silver back gorilla or Staffordshire bull terrier pulling a sled of weights. Elite athletes have used various visualizations techniques in their training and in competition.

Recently, while walking Lexie, the family dog, it dawned on me that she would be a great soccer player. After a lot of training she “keeps her shape”, holding her position right beside me.

She is always “on her toes” with bountiful energy and alertness. While she remains connected with me visually, all her senses are scanning her environment; her head is “on a swivel”.

Now while she holds her position when she is told to “walk”, she also goes to space when told “free”. If a ball, rabbit, squirrel was present she would go to it like a lightning bolt, rather than watching and waiting for it to come to her. If other dogs, “players”, were in the game she would certainly be first to the ball, especially if it was furry.

If another player were to try and dominate her, she would react aggressively turning the table. She would get big in her defensive posture and her eyes would lock in on her “opponent”. She would lean in and tackle quickly and with force.

When excited she “talks” constantly, her muscles twitching, exuding an energy. But most importantly, she is always happy, she enjoys her walks and is motivated to go 100% each and every day.

So I tell my kids to play like “Lexie”. This analogy may bring a new meaning to “dogging it”. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say “good job, keep dogging it!”

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