Issaquah Brain Training for “Wise Vision”

Written By: David Burns

visionIn an article written by Andy Mitten, Spain’s Xavi Hernandez was quoted as saying “I’m not strong, nor fast, nor skillful, I’m a player from the street,”. So if he is none of these things, what makes him so great? I would agree with Brazilian full-back Dani Alves who said “That’s how he sees things the way he does. He shows that the little smart guys can play great.” The key to his success is that he “sees things” and he is “smart”.

Recently, I recall a commentator saying of Xavi “you can see Xavi working out of the BRAIN BOX, you can almost hear his mind ticking away”. Seeing and playing smart requires that your brain is F.A.S.T. (i.e. focused, agile, speed, timing). Seeing requires that you process and retain what is around you and make quick, agile decisions. Speed and timing of thought processing is what has to happen prior to your body responding. If your brain is slow to process your body will be slow to react. If your brain is scattered, you will be prone to countless errors. The brain muscles required to execute these functions are isolated and exercised through the Brain Centers NW’s brain training programs.

Conditioning the body is not enough. The body is a vessel but the mind directs that vessel. Most players recognize the importance of physically conditioning the body but neglect that which governs it (i.e. the brain). The “vision” that great atheletes have has nothing to do with the eyes themselves. Tracking, speed of eye movement and accuracy of eye movements to targets are all brain muscles whose level of function can be evaluated, deficits noted and exercised.

More importantly, the information that our eyes take in needs to be processed and retained so that we can act on that information. The speed of processing and the retention of the visual information taken in (e.g. location of each player) is something that can be honed. “Vision” involves a whole host of brain processing centers and without developing these functions a player’s success will be limited.

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