Naturopathic Physician

Doctor of Chiropractic


Diplomat and Fellow in Functional Neurology

Trained in brain based therapies and concussion management



His degrees have provided him with training in primary care, modern diagnostics, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, and clinical nutrition. However, his passion and practice emphasis is in sports medicine and functional neurology.

As the clinic director of an integrated health care facility for 8 years he became adept at understanding and communicating with various types of medical professionals. It became clear to him that each profession has its advantages, disadvantages, strengths, weakness and that a team approach is often more advantages to the patient.

Practice Emphasis

Functional Neurology is a clinical discipline that addresses the interaction of the nervous system with the environment.

The emphasis is on the nervous system as being the modulator of human expression and experience.

The unique and complex responses of each individual’s nervous system to changes in their environment are central to the discipline of Functional Neurology.


American College of Functional Neurology
Fellow of Functional Neurology, FACFN
2009 – 2011

Carrick Institute
Diplomate of Chiropractic Neurology, DACNB
2003 – 2011

Bastyr University
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, ND
2003 – 2008

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Doctor of Chiropractic, DC
1994 – 1998

Simon Fraser University
Psychology, BA
1989 – 1993


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