Concussion Action Plan

If your child is playing contact sports you should NOT be thinking “IF they get a concussion…” but rather “WHEN they suffer a concussion…” this is what I will do.

No matter what rules are established, no matter what equipment is created accidents will happen and being prepared with your own comprehensive program is key.

So the questions are:

  • “What should I do NOW to prepare for a probable head trauma?”
  • “How can I be proactive when it comes to concussions?”
  • “If helmets are not the answer than what is?”

Dr. David Burns has provided his patients with expert advice and guidance on concussion management for over a decade.

Download a must read PDF on concussion management below and create a Concussion Action Plan for your child.

Avoiding the reality of sports and the potential consequences will not make the issue go away. Being proactive when it comes to their brain health is a step in the right direction.


“As such, I highly support and conquer with Dr. Burns’ recommendation that anyone involved in sports with the potential for head injury or concussion, should undergo comprehensive baseline testing. These assessments should be done BEFORE the injury happens, and should be comprehensive in nature, creating the necessary reference point, which would help in designing an effective treatment plan to enhance neurological recovery AFTER concussion.”    Dr. Mark Piker,  board-certified neurologist